Board Meeting Minutes, November 2019

Dec. 8, 2019 by Kara "Red Hawk" Baden

November 19, Cara Combs, Josh McVey, Kara Baden, Jeff Beecher, Mark Kramer, Tamara McEwen, Sherrie Klover, Jordan Shrack, Megan Moriarty

Called the meeting to order at 6 p.m.

Financial Report-Josh:

TechSoup- discount for quickbooks. Then we will move forward with quickbooks. Total Balance: $40,739.92


Sold out the 10k, 53-50k 65-25k. Finishes: 44-50k, 63-25k, 65-10k Keeping the cap at 75 per race. Net $2,846.95 and more coming. $485 from Garmin. We will round up the donation to Check22. Race will be November 14, 2020. All hands meeting will decide charity partner. We had good volunteers from the Trail Hawks. Mark was there to help for medical. It would be helpful to get more of the charity involved for next year. Remaining swag will be given to the charity to continue to raise money. We need to order more equipment and have our storage unit stocked back up for the next race. We want to make sure that the equipment is returned. Considering an application process for charity to apply that includes a couple people that will plan to help for that day. Kara will put together the form to promote in December that will be ready for the all hands meeting.


Will be September 5-6, 2020. Permits are in for the hawk excluding insurance. Registration opens December 1.

Pi Day-Megan

Megan and Caroline have walked the part of the route to see if they need to change anything. Registration is up and going.

All Hands Meeting-Cara:

Jan. 11 at 6 p.m. at the train depot. Lisa has put the call for the gear swap. Golden Hawk presentation, voting on Sanders, and voting on board members. Will be discussing open run leader, volunteer, race directors and other positions.

Open Discussion Regarding Open Positions:

Discussed different options for the best way to fill positions. Decided on an open call for board positions and a volunteer survey for remaining positions.

Golden hawk and Snake-Cara:

Gary will not returning as the RD for the Snake or the Golden Hawk. Meryl Carver has stepped up to help with the Golden Hawk. The Snake will go on hiatus for 2020. Will look for a new RD for the Snake for 2021.


Emailed update from Jeff. Updated the 2020 Hawk Hundred ( and for Sherrie I created an Ultrasignup importer which will auto-import race completions. This will update the last few years of races on our website.

December Meeting - Monday, December 16th at the Library

HAWK 100 & 50 Mi

Hawks Ridgeline aid station Heartland100

Hawk Hundred 100/50/26.2 - 2012

SNAKE 10 Mile Trail Race 2018

Skyline Shuffle 2018