Board Meeting Minutes, October 2018

Oct. 23, 2018 by Cara "Color Hawk" Combs

Lawrence Trail Hawk Meeting Minutes, October 2018

In attendance: President Cara Combs, Vice President Lisa Ball, Treasurer Josh McVey, Jeff Triplett, Sherrie Klover, Ami Weidler-Hyten, Secretary Kara Protasio

LHT President Cara Combs called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Financial Update-Josh, Treasurer

Account balance $29,821.15 Operating budget of $23,000 2019 base expenses are about $5,000 Our membership fees pay for half of our base expenses and our races pay for the other half $11,000 in our savings

Debit Card

Called the bank to get multiple cards-someone has to take responsibility for the card. We would have to have another social security card.

Howl, Prowl & Growl (HPG)- Lisa

John Knepper was there to take pictures-not a huge crowd. It was the smallest we had. Bill played the moon poem.

Hawk Hundred Report-Sherrie Klover

Profit was 4,300. Still waiting on $425 refund trail magazine. We $675 on equipment, tables, ice scoop, signs, water jugs. 16 percent increase cost $135 per runner. The early bird will be a month, $160, $175, $190. Cutbacks on trucker hats, we invested and will bring in revenue next year. EMS will be at aid stations going forward. Looking at $3,000 for that expense. We will be capping the races again.

Learned: More leadership. Cat Peace is going to the volunteer coordinator. We need more volunteers. We need to train people to mark the course. Changing chip timing- was great. For the hawk knew what runners where still out there.

We invested by getting the cabin, UltraSignup is hard to use with the new swag, Maybe need to change to using Square. Josh is going to talk to UltraSignup to see they can export swag so that way it prints a list of who order what swag and not have so many sheets for us to look at.

Colonel Christopher Wilson Memorial

Working with Tony Brown. We have been approved by the State Park to rename the last 2.6 miles of the trail after the Colonel. There will be a mile marker: Fly Strong 1082. Unveiling will be Nov. 3 at 1 p.m. at that spot. Retiring the number 1082. Considering asking the family for the beneficiary run for Sanders Saunter for 2019.

Incident Reports

For RRCA, there is a specific incident number to call if we have a fatality. We need to file an incident report within 24 hours. There is a protocol that we have to follow. Sherrie is going to share in the drop box.

Sanders Saunter-Sherrie Klover

Limited the spots this year to put on a quality race. 10k and 25k are sold out. We still need volunteers for the race. We need more help at Lake Henry and start/finish. Swag is being ordered!

Volunteer plan for 2019-Lisa Ball

46 people respond. They were a lot of positive comments. A lot said they wanted to volunteer more. Not knowing what to do, what to do. Standardize the rules. Possibly make a video of what to do at an aid station so new people know what to do. Cara has made the design for the volunteer shirt, but is still playing with colors. These would be shirts that all our volunteers would wear at our races minus the Hawk. The next step will be getting it quoted.


Representative reached out to talk about stuff. Cara Combs see what they are working or anything we can do anything.

Golden Hawk

Gary has everything Golden Hawk up and going. Gary is responsible for making sure that the people who are signed up are signed up for each race before it sells out.

All hands meeting-Jan 19 at Holcomb Park or Train Depot.

Larger planning meeting for the LTH as a whole. Take out top priorities to present and talk about at the All Hands Meeting. November 17 in the evening at Holcomb. We talk about our goals for the club and pay someone to synthesize it and bring it back. Graphic record. Brainstorm and strategic planning and hopes and goals.

Trudi has stepped down from Saturday run leader. Kara agreed to help out.

Cara adjourned at 8:46 p.m.

HAWK 100 & 50 Mi

Hawk Hundred 100/50/26.2 - 2012

Hawks Ridgeline aid station Heartland100

Trail Hawks Ridgeline aid station at Heartland100, 2018

SNAKE 10 Mile Trail Race 2018