2018 All Hands Meeting Minutes

Jan. 21, 2018 by Kara "Red Hawk" Baden

10th Annual Lawrence Trail Hawks All Hands Meeting January 20, 2018

Matt O’Reilly called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Matt-State of the Club:

Josh McVey-Treasurer’s Report: The Lawrence Trail Hawks are 100% transparency thanks to the Google Doc’s that Josh has made. Last year the Race Directors managed the races well and make it easy for Josh. In 2017, the LTH spent $7,461.28 on non-race expense. The club bought LTH Tech Shirts, so buy one! The club ended with an operating fund of $10,430.25. LTH donated $6,033 to the Clinton State Park, National Trail Council and Willow Domestic Violence. As a club, our races made $11,650.03 in 2017.

Caroline-Membership Report: LTH had over 200 members in 2017. The current price for membership is $20 for individuals and $25 and families.

Gary Henry-Road Runner’s Club of America Coach Training:

Matt-Hawk Appreciation Awards:

Coleen's Sweaty Ass Night Run, July 2011, Prairie Center, Olathe.


Jaws of Clintie (Red Trail)

2015 HAWK 100, 50, 26.2 photo by Mile 90 Photography