Board Meeting Minutes May, 2017

May 18, 2017 by Kara "Red Hawk" Baden

Minutes of May Trail Hawk Board Meeting

The Lawrence Trail Hawks Board of Directors held its monthly meeting May 17, at the Lawrence Public Library. Attending: Matt O’Reilly, President, Benita Jones, Vice President; Josh McVey, Treasurer; Kara Protasio, Secretary; Ami Weidler-Hyten, RD for the Hawk, Trudi Chavez, Saturday Run Leader and Gary Henry, former Secretary. Matt called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Matt deferred the conflict of interest policy discussion until next meeting. Gary has volunteered to edit the conflict of interest documents for the board.

Ami discussed a fundraising idea with the board. Ami and Kim would like to create an official Lawrence Trail Hawks Cook Book that members could submit their favorite recipes. The cook book would be roughly 50 recipes and would be made into a binder. It generally costs $7 to produce and we would sell it for $20. Gary suggested looking into making a digital copy that would members could use PayPal to purchase. Josh mentioned that our TH website has an option for people to submit in a form as a way to gather recipes. Ami would like to have the cookbook completed by December 1 and will work on a timeline for the process.

Josh’s financial report: Account balance: $13,383.63. Pi Day Race still has outstanding expenses. We are still waiting on a $700 check from Garmin for their employees race entries. Skyline Shuffle made $113. Night Hawk has $2,100. Snake has $266. The Hawk has $6,633. Currently, our operating budget is $3,600. We will be spending roughly $500-1,000 on equipment for our storage unit on shelving and tubs. Sarah Morris and Cara Combs will have a storage unit proposal for the end of May. We have made $570 on club shirts. Josh is also keeping track of recognition costs of the free race entries. Membership revenue to date is $580. We expect to be collecting more membership revenue in the upcoming months.

Matt gave us an update on the Skyline Shuffle. Overall the race was in the black. We had 43 people finish the race. The number of non-Trail Hawks was a record high, which means we saw a lot of nonmembers sign up to run. Socks are the biggest expense for the race. The minimum order for socks is 120 pairs. Ami suggested looking into raising the entry fee $5 and giving people the option to get two socks. Matt is considering adding the option for people to order more in Ultra Signup. We had a lot of sign up on the day of. Josh and Matt are considering Sunday for next year’s race day and plan to keep it as a 5K only.

Ami gave an update on the Hawk: 106 signed up for the Hawk-compared to last year which was 75.

With no further business, Matt adjourned the meeting at 7:59 p.m.

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