May board meeting

May 11, 2016 by Gary "Story Hawk" Henry

May Board Meeting Minutes May 10, 2016 by Kara Protasio, standing in as secretary for Gary Henry

The Lawrence Trail Hawks Board of Directors held its monthly meeting May 10, at the Lawrence Public Library, 6-7 pm. Board members attending: Nick Combs, president; Sherrie Klover, vice president; Josh McVey, treasurer. Kara Protasio stood in as secretary for Gary Henry, whou couldn’t attend. Other members attending included Mary Ann Frevert and Shari Hicks, Nighthawk race directors; Benita Jones, Snake race director; Lisa Ball, Jeff and Kelly Keele; and Bill Loats, previous president. Webmaster Jeff Triplett was unable to attend.

Nick called the meeting to order and conducted it.

Treasurer’s Report: Josh briefed the members on the electronic ledger he developed to track club transactions. The actual balance is $11,858.30. Currently, $3,502.41 is in the operating budget, not earmarked for or involved with any club event.

Josh then briefed the group on results from the Skyline Shuffle, May 7. Over 60 people participated in the race. Josh estimates that the race made roughly $200. Right now the revenue total is $939.31; however he is still waiting on 13 transactions from Total expenses for the race were $1038.09. Matt did a wonderful job with awards. Ideas for next year include opening sign-up earlier and having a mower that won’t die while preparing for the race.

Sherrie briefed the group on the 2016 HAWK and Sander’s Saunter. The HAWK is 10 registrants ahead of last year’s signup at this time. Sherrie plans to request money for Mile 90 Photography and awards for the Hawk next month. She’s also looking into swag options for the Hawk. She plans to have swag all finalized by June/July. Volunteers can sign up for the Hawk starting in June. Sherrie also plans to have the Mountain Bike club patrol for the Hawk. For Sander’s Saunter, Sherrie and Nick have agreed to limit to 100 participants per race. Registration opened May 1. So far 12 people have signed up for the race, 7 for the 50K, 3 for the 25K and 2 for the 10K.

Mary Ann and Shari briefed the group on the Nighthawk 50K and 10 Miler, set for June 25. Currently, there are 20 signed up for the 10 miler, and 17 for the 50K. Mary Ann and Shari are looking for volunteers for the race. They plan to ask for help through the Trail Hawks Facebook page and allow people to sign up to volunteer on They are looking for someone to be in charge of food.

Nick opened a conversation about long-term planning for the Trail Hawk organization. He wants members to think about where they want the club to be in the next 5 years. Nick would like the Trail Hawks to create 3-4 core principles for every race to follow. Some ideas for long term planning that were discussed by members of the group include: • Member discounts for Trail Hawk races • Put finances together so that all race directors can use money from the same fund • More cohesive advertising for Trail Hawk races • Create a year-long pass that let members run every Trail Hawk race • Build a cushion in the bank for finances • Keep prices low • Pricing that lets members choose what they want to buy- entry, swag and/or finisher medals. • Set of race rules for all Trail Hawk races The group decided it would be a good idea to have a meeting for all Trail Hawk dues-paying members to give their input on what they want to see happen to the organization long-term. The group determined that it would be best to have two separate sessions so that members can have multiple opportunities to attend. Dates on these meetings are to be determined, but will be held in June and July at one of the shelters at Overlook Park.

Jeff Keele proposed that the Trail Hawks buy signs for Trail Hawk races that tell runners where bathrooms and water are located. He suggested that we get signs that we could reuse for all races and he found some cheap signs ideas from Amazon that he will pass along for Trail Hawk Board Members to look over.

With no further business, Nick adjourned the meeting.

Very Respectfully, Kara Protasio, Lawrence Trail Hawks

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