August Board Meeting

Aug. 10, 2016 by Gary "Story Hawk" Henry

The Lawrence Trail Hawks Board of Directors held its monthly meeting Aug. 9, at the Lawrence Public Library, 8-9 pm. Attending: Nick Combs, president; Sherrie Klover, vice president; Josh McVey, treasurer; Gary Henry, secretary; Caroline Wroczynski, membership director; Jeff Triplett, webmaster; Benita Jones, SNAKE race director.

Nick called the meeting to order.

Nick read a statement in which he resigned from the Trail Hawks board, and from other club commitments, citing ongoing health problems. The statement has since been posted on the Trail Hawks Facebook group page. Board members expressed their sympathy, and gratitude for all Nick has contributed. They assured him that the door to return is open, should things change. Nick then departed the meeting.

As vice president, Sherrie Klover assumed duties as Acting President.

Treasurer’s Report: Josh congratulated the club, and race directors in particular, on a stellar year financially. All races so far this year have been profitable. The profits have been moved into the club’s Operating Fund, to help pay for 2017 races and remaining 2016 races, along with RRCA membership dues and storage unit costs, among other expenses. After all expenses, the Operating Fund contains $4,951.08.

The board discussed uses for the Operating Fund. Most immediate needs are additional tables, three Coleman camping stoves and upgraded tents to replace the current tents which leak. Sherrie will buy tables and stoves at Walmart in time for the HAWK. Josh has ordered a prototype waterproof 10 x 15 tent, which should be available for the Birthday Run. If the tent works out, the board plans to order several more, though smaller 10 x 10 tents from the same manufacturer. Increasing donations to the State Park was also discussed.

Since Sherrie assumed the role of acting president, the board asked Benita if she would be willing to assume the role of interim vice president until the All Hands Meeting and board-member elections in January. Benita agreed, and the board voted unanimously to confirm.

The board scheduled its next meeting for Oct. 11 at Josh’s house. Time is TBD, and directions will be made available as the meeting date gets closer.

With no further business, Sherrie adjourned the meeting.

SNAKE 10-Mile Trail Race 2017 -- John Knepper photo

Trail Hawks Halloween 2010

SNAKE 10 Mile Trail Race 2018

finish line

2015 HAWK 100, 50 &26.2 Mile 90 Photo