Board Meeting Minutes, September 2021

Sept. 15, 2021 by Michael "Smoky Hill Hawk" Miley

Meeting date: September 14, 2021 6pm, Lawrence Beer Company They have a great room for this meeting, it was $2 beer night and the brussels sprouts were amazing as always. In attendace: Cara Combs, Jordan Shrack, Mike Miley, Megan Moriarty, Josh McVey, Todd Chandler, Mary Ann Frevert, Dezert Armer

Follow up from Birthday Fatass. Need to send $200 check to Trails Council.



Was there anything that could have been done to avoid all of the DNFs? Probably not, it simply was way too hot. Cara provided some data points regarding drop rate, temps of past races.

All aid stations had plenty of ice, water, and food throughout the race. Potential causes for high drop rate: temperature, lack of races for last two years, trails are more technical, lack of time on trails due to summer weather, low number of runners due to COVID cap. Could possibly move the race back a few weeks to decrease the odds of a hot day. Ami proposed funding a new water bottle station at the trailhead that the Corps of Engineers have been working on. “Kindness to life and land requires hydration”


Approved $50 for FaceBook ads Currently 12 runners registered Raising $ for Haus of McCoy


Last year for Sherrie to RD, Todd will shadow her this year to help retain and pass along her system/knowledge. He will RD it in 2022.


February 19-20 24/12/6 Hour (noon Saturday to noon Sunday) Runner will run one of 3 loops (Cactus Ridge, Bunker Hill, or Swim Beach loop) depending on the spin of the roulette wheel. Spin the wheel after each loop, run as many spins as you can for your allotted time.


Need to build a bench of future RDs for Sanders, The Snake, Cactus Roulette, etc. Without grooming a potential new RD, eventually the RD gets tired of the work and stops, and the race dies. The “voluntold” method seems more effective than asking for volunteers. Build a list of potential recruits. Review TH instructions for RDing document. Review other resources, Joe’s Rules: The Art of Trail Race Directing by Joe Prusaitis and Chris Haley. Capture experience from existing RDs.


Things are still too unstable (COVID) to plan out a year’s calendar. Discussed creating a wagering system to benefit charity’s (I bet $200 I run this many races, if I fail, I’ll donate $??? to charity).


Attendance has been low for Wednesday and Saturdays. *Thursday has been strong. Need to make some updates to info on website about Saturday's run.


Posted Eric’s guide to on snakes. Will post Ami’s post race email as a post. Share Justin’s youtube video from the Hawk on the website.

Next Meeting Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021 6 pm Lawrence Beer Company

Bunker Hill, Clinton Lake North Shore Trails