Board Meeting Minutes, July 2021

Aug. 13, 2021 by Kylee "Copperhead Hawk" Sharp

Meeting date: July 7, 2021

6pm. Zoom. In attendance: Todd Chandler, Dezert Abrams, Cara Combs, Mike Miley, Mary Ann Frevert, Michelle Weaver, Jordan Shrack, Sherri Klover


Night Hawk, Mary Ann: on roads, done sooner than ever before! Gophers make a huge difference. Still running numbers, 10 milers bib # issue due to a late entry. Burritos were awesome, food trucks a great plus. Tickets for food disintegrated, may need to come up with a better strategy for that.

Hawk, Jordan: ordered buckles, ordered mugs and medals, Shari’s team almost done with the design, it’s going to look awesome.

Shoreline Shuffle, Todd: Kara worried about low attendance, Todd encouraged to do as normal this year. Build bench of RD’s to tap into and help. Need to make better effort to get people involved.

Sanders Saunter, Sherrie: Sherrie will continue as RD, permits will be requested in early August. Board needs to send out invite for people to nominate charities. Will all vote for top three then vote again for one charity this year. Each race distance will be capped at 50 runners. Matty redesign medals. Race is Nov. 6. Needs to have better communication with charity for coordinating volunteers and making sure they show up.


Newsletter: Mike Miley is working on newsletter. Want it to become the main communication vehicle, biweekly, includes recap of Night Hawk, the snake article from Eric, member profiles

Web Updates: race updates put in, other issues cleaned up. Make it more of a member-use site. Have member race recaps of various other races and adventures out there.

Facebook admin: double post FB and Instagram. Cara and Ami responsible for admitting people. Need to look in to FB functionality between Pages and Groups, and the connectivity between race pages and all other pages/groups.


Todd and Cara: Ashley Shaw will play a big role. Will be August 7th. Will have a morning start, will get shelter this year. Shelter 2 is smaller, is $35 for reservation.


It is NOT an expectation of the group leader to check FB for messages. The run is when it is, be there or don’t. Wednesday night is picking up, Saturday may be picking up as well, harder to tell since we haven’t been able to be on the trails at Clinton. Gal Gallop may open for all on Thursdays, it will be Nicole’s say since she’s leader. Mary Ann has volunteered to help be the back of the pack so no one is left behind. May still have a women’s only run at some point?

NEXT MEETING - Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 6 pm. IN PERSON! Location TBD, but will be a fun, social location.

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