Board Meeting Minutes, May 2019

June 17, 2019 by Kara "Red Hawk" Baden

Lawrence Trail Hawks May 13, 2019

Cara, Lisa, Michael, Michael, Josh, Kara, Jeff, Tamara, Bill

Financial report-Josh: Total Balance: $30,329.73

Skyline Update-Josh: 73 finishers. There were lots of volunteers. It was muddy. People still had a good time. We had 3 people get off course. Josh says he should have done things differently for the people that got off course. Next time, he plans to have them go back and show them where they got off and have them continue on. More than 10 people were new to Ultrasignup. Facebook ad was good. Move to straps to screw to the ground instead of sandbags for tents. 30% profit this year. Josh is going to not be a race director for the race next year. He will help whoever wants to be the next race director with Matt O’Reilly.

Night Hawk: We need to figure out the permit from the park. 50 in 50k, 8-20 miler, 26-10 miler They are opening volunteers at the end of the month. Confirm on staggering start times.

The Snake: 25 signed up so far. Everything is ordered except for porta potties.

Golden Hawk: Everyone is still going. 21 of 23 are still in.

Shoreline: Need to file the paperwork, but need to find out contact for the Park. The red trail may not be

FLAT-Lisa: Praire Block Party- June 1 at 10 a.m. Party from 9-1 a.m. It’s at the new park they made at 15th and Burroughs. Get a group together to table and handle out stuff to people that attend.

Danny’s DeFeet Cancer Run: Needs help marking the course, needs help with getting the stuff from our storage unit.

Birthday Run: Couple weeks later in August, sometime in the evening. Need to start planning it and coordinate with Clinton Park.

Cara: First newsletter is going out at the end of this week. Topics to include upcoming races, link to minutes, newly named trail hawks.

Instagram Has been setup and will pass off to Tamara and John.

Adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

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