Board Meeting Minutes, April 2019

June 17, 2019 by Kara "Red Hawk" Baden

Lawrence Trail Hawks April Board Meeting April 24, 2019 In attendance: President Cara Combs, Vice President Lisa Ball, Jeff Triplett, Michael Schmitz, Tamara McEwen, Bil Loats, Dezert Abrams, Megan Moriarty, Mary Ann Fevert

Cara called the meeting at S&S Artisan Pub and Coffeehouse to order at 7:06 p.m.

Financial report-Cara Combs on the behalf of Josh McVey: Balance is: $29866.10 Taxes are filed. It is open to public inspection but the IRS has not yet posted it. Once it is there I will share.

Skyline Shuffle: Skyline has 47 people signed up and Matt and Josh are ready to go. 10 people signed up with no ultrasignup results so that is cool.

Update on supplies: Matt O’Reilly has fixed a broken tent with parts from the other broken tent. It looks like we don’t have enough parts to fix it. It’s roughly $500 for replacement parts. The recommendation is that we just buy a new tent and then use the broken tent for parts. Pi day supplies have been put away in the storage unit.

Night Hawk update-Mary Ann: We are using Timing Guys this year. Swag is up on Ultrasignup. Volunteer signup will open at 4 weeks prior to the race. Sign ups are coming in!

Sanders Saunter update-Megan: Registration is open and we are getting sign ups. Sherrie Klover and Megan will be modifying the logo next week. There is a cap on each race and it will fill up. Golden Hawks need to register before each distance is filled.

Volunteers-Lisa: Volunteer shirts are done and we need to figure out how to store it. Tamara said she would be available to keep that at her house so they don’t get damaged in the storage unit.

We have one more opportunity for River Trail Restoration. That is May 11. We will have Saturday morning group run at the River Trails so people can participate.

Group Run-The group had a discussion about our weekly group runs. We are wondering if changes need to be made if needed. Participation seems to be up and down lately. We want to make sure that we get new people and are welcoming. We also want to make sure that we have multiple paces and distances for each run.

Hawk Naming-Cara: Should we have questions to make it easier for people to do naming ceremonies? We need to get back to doing naming ceremonies during trail runs. We need to get more comfortable doing them so we can have more people named. Suggestion was made to have more intention introduction time at the beginning of each group run. Group run leader would ask everyone to introduce themselves. Cara will be sending an email to the group run leaders to help explain the new suggestions around naming and group run attendance.

Guy Gallop-Michael: Michael is interested in starting a men’s run on Thursday nights. He is thinking about starting it at a different time than the Gal Gallop. He wants to have more trail opportunities and not impose on the ladies.

Next board meetings: May 15 @ 7:30 p.m. at the Lawrence Public Library June 18 is TBD

Cara adjourned meeting at 8:16 p.m.

RRCA Coaching Certification Class, Lawrence

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Coleen's Sweaty Ass Night Run, July 2011, Prairie Center, Olathe.