Board Meeting Minutes March, 2018

March 29, 2018 by Kara "Red Hawk" Baden

Lawrence Trail Hawks Meeting

March 28, 2018

In attendance Lisa Ball, Jeff Triplet, Josh McVey, Kara Protasio, Michael Schmitz, Tamara McEwen, Cara Combs, Ami W, Trudi Chavez, Matt O’Reilly, Gary Henry

The meeting was called to order at 7:37 p.m. by Lisa.

Lisa:Volunteer recognition: Josh and Lisa have been working on the idea of a volunteer recognition program. The idea of the program is to keep volunteers and race directors happy. To prevent extra work on RDs, someone else would be in charge of the program. The duo is reviewing the idea of a common volunteer shirt to help with more visibility of volunteers at races and help with RD’s budgets. RD’s would have their own say if they want to provide additional swag or ways of recognition for volunteers. The program would be tracked to gather data and see how well the program works. Lisa proposed that the club try it for a first year and see how it goes. Volunteers would have to provide feedback to see how to improve the idea. At the end of the discussion, members voted to allow Lisa to continue to look into and start experimenting with the volunteer recognition program.

Josh: Financial Report: Account balance: $23,517.43. $14,000 operational funds. $3,000 of it is being reserved for future expenses of the club leaving us with $11,000.

Jeff: Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct Policy is a document we need in place so members of the club know what is appropriate or not, in case something happens. Board Members need to sign the documents when they first get elected. Once signatures are collected, Kara will scan them to have on file. Jeff will email her the documents. The document will be emailed and posted on facebook page once our code of conduct is official.

Matt: Social Media Policy-Matt has drafted a social media policy and had it looked over by board members and Ami. Matt asked that the board look over the policy and vote on it at the next meeting.

Gary: Golden Hawk: Update on the Golden Hawk proposal. Participants could run any distance to qualify for the award. It would be tracked through UltraSignup by Gary. We have people sign up for the first of the year and induct them into the challenge at the All Hands Meeting. Gary says personalized hoodies are looking around $43 for each person who finishes the challenge. There will be a sign up fee for the Golden Hawk Challenge. It is open to everyone, including non-members. Members voted on the proposal and it passed.

Caroline: Small Race report over Pi Day: Over 100 people ran the pi-miler. 16-17 for pi slam, 9 ultra slam, 2 answer everything. There was a problem with the timing. Caroline used the KU Center to find volunteers for the race. Caroline will give more of a update at the next meeting.

Gary and Matt: CPR and RRCA Coach Training: 15 minimum has been met for the RRCA coaching. In order to be do the training and become a coach you must be CPR certified within two months before or after training. Gary has looked at CPR training at Red Cross for $900, plus an additional $80 after a certain number of participants. The club will pick up half the cost for LTH members, leaving members to pay roughly $55. We would have to find a space to host it and pick a date. Gary will keep working on it. It is a 6 hour training course. All members voted and it was approved.

Caroline: Board duties: Membership at large gets to vote and we need to tell them. Make it clearer on next meeting. Must be member. Have a transition for board members.

Kara: Kara and Cara Combs have created a LTH race date flyer. Cara and Kara are looking into printing options and will report back to the board.

Gary: Birthday run Aug. 4 is proposing to have another bottle opener for members that would say “Imperious Rex.”

Matt adjourned the meeting at 8:55 p.m.

RRCA Coaching Certification Class, Lawrence

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