Board Meeting Minutes August, 2018

Aug. 24, 2018 by Kara "Red Hawk" Baden

August 15th, 2018, 7pm at the Lawrence Public Library

President Cara Combs called the meeting to order at 7:03PM

Financial Update-Treasurer Josh Mcvey

We currently have $32,874.45 total in the bank. Our operating fund is around $15,000. We have a lot of room to help out our race directors with equipment or things to make the races run smoothly. We need to at least make $4,600 every year to cover our big expenses.

Birthday Run Update-Cara:

Successes - Six Hawks named. We also raised $251.95 for the trails.

Lessons learned: Explained naming Hawks more to members before the run so that way we can name more people. We also need to make sure that we have a better way to have people bring food.

Shoreline Shuffle Update-Secretary Kara Protasio

Shoreline Shuffle has 22 people signed up at the moment. Need to have the course cleared of a few trees. Looking for help promoting the race.

Hawk Hundred Update-Sherrie Klover:

Equipment needs: We want to order water coolers 7 gallons so that way we have unmanned aid stations at white and blue trails near the swim beach. We need 4 water coolers jugs, tables we need eight 6 ft tables, one 100 quart cooler and an ice cooler.

We order new race signs, dowels and flags for the race. 53 runners signed up for the 100 95 runners signed up for the 50 74 runners for marathon 220 total right now

Samantha and Sherri with the Clinton Parks are supportive with growing the race. Parking is not an issue according to them. We reserved shelter 1 and shelter 2 this year so that way we can’t interfere with other parties. Sherrie believes the race will grow.

The race is bringing in $1,500. We invested with the trucker hats and the catering for the pre-race food. We made $180 in hats at the birthday run. We got more porta potties at West Park Road. We also order new stickers for finishers. Swag bag make on Wednesday prior to the race at the cabins. Ham radio operators will have a GPS this year so we can find people easier. 20 deferrals this year. Race directors will look at volunteers and let us know on what they need.

Prowl, Howl & Growl Update-Postponed

Sanders Saunter Update-Sherrie

50 runners so far. The logo was made with the help of the Beechers. Megan Moriarty is co-race director. Haven’t looked at swag. Staggered start time for each race.

Volunteer Shirt-Vice President Lisa Ball

Cara is still playing with the design. The goal is to have shirts ready for Pi Day. We will have to estimate how many to order and sizes. Will do a poll on the facebook to figure out if people volunteer and what size shirt they wear. Unisex shirts are a good option for volunteer shirts.

Adopt-a-Highway Update-Lisa

Caroline Wroczynski has to finish the course work. We need to look at race schedule to schedule clean up crew for our section of the highway.

Other Business-Cara

We need to work on strategic planning for the club so that way new race directors know what expectations are and feel comfortable with what they are doing. We need to have a plan for succession. We also need to come up with safety guidelines and revenue guidelines.

Josh followed up on sales tax exempt status. We cannot get a card.

Schedule next 2 meetings

September 17 at the Library in room B October 23 at the Library in room A

Hawk Hundred 100/50/26.2 - 2012

Hawk 50-Mile & Marathon Trail Runs