Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting, Feb. 15, 2015

Feb. 18, 2015 by Gary "Story Hawk" Henry

The Board of Directors met at 6 pm, Sunday, Feb. 15, in office spaces provided by Jeff Triplett, club webmaster. All board members were present: Bill Loats, president Sherrie Klover, vice president Justin Douglas, treasurer Gary Henry, secretary Caroline Wroczynski, membership director (non-voting) Jeff Triplett, webmaster (non-voting)

Board members discussed the following items:

a. New event — the Nighthawk 50K

b. Storage unit management

c. Trail Hawk car magnets

d. Lifetime membership dues option

e. Monthly club meetings

f. Trash pick-up event on North Shore trails

Nighthawk 50K: The board voted to greenlight this summer race, race directors Mary Ann Frevert and Shari Hicks to meet with club RDs Sherrie Klover, Caroline Wroczynski and Gary Henry to get briefed on how to develop a plan and budget to bring before the board for approval.

Storage unit management: The board created the position of Quartermaster to oversee management of the club’s equipment. The quartermaster is designated by the president with the approval of the board. Bill Loats volunteered to take on this task, and was approved by the board. As quartermaster, Bill is scheduling an inventory of the club’s gear to include tents, coolers, jugs, tables, stoves, cookware and other hard assets, to be conducted prior to the Pi-Day race, March 14. The quartermaster will be responsible for keeping an up-to-date inventory, and will be the primary contact for race directors and others needing to use the club’s equipment.

Trail Hawk car magnets: The board is following up on Lisa “Avi Hawk” Ball’s suggestion to get Trail Hawk car magnets in lieu of bumper stickers, since not everyone wants to put adhesive stickers on their vehicles. Gary Henry will submit an updated design featuring the “Hawk Head” to the board for approval. Justin Douglas will get the magnets ordered. He is considering magnets.com as the vendor, since Caroline had a good experience with the company for her Pi-Day magnets. Justin said the previously selected vendor, Happy T-shirt Co., made the production experience complicated and problematic, which is why the project bogged down last summer after originally being approved by the board.

Lifetime Memberships: The board discussed creating an option for lifetime memberships and considered the impact on club finances over short and long term. The board asked membership director Caroline Wroczynski to give the proposal further study, together with treasurer Justin Douglas, and give a recommendation after the Pi Day race.

Monthly club meetings: President Bill Loats proposed holding monthly club meetings open to the public on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 pm. The purpose would be to socialize, hear invited speakers and air ideas. Board meetings would be scheduled after the open meetings, quarterly, and club members invited to sit in, and bring any business before the board. The board approved the idea and gave Bill the green light to check on possible meeting locations, with an eye on the Lawrence Public Library.

Trash pick-up event on the North Shore trails: Bill also noted that trash is accumulating on the white trail along Campground One, and plans to lead a trash pick-up event. The event will be posted on Facebook and Trailhawks e-mail, and scheduled before spring growth hides the trash.

With all business discussed, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Henry Secretary

2015 HAWK 100, 50, 26.2 photo by Mile 90 Photography

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