Shoreline Shuffle Moving

April 24, 2015 by Jeff "Beatnick Hawk" Triplett


Due to current trail conditions, forecasts of inclement weather, and upcoming trail repair work, the Shoreline Shuffle 5K Trail Race, set for Saturday, May 2nd, 8 a.m., is moving off the North Shore Trail System to its alternate trail course.

Instead of beginning in the southwest corner of Campground One as normal, the race will begin and end at the southwest corner of Campground Three. This is the same area that hosts the West Park Road aid station in the Hawk Hundred, 50 and 26.2 Mile Trail Races.

Parking will likely be in the grassy field next to the large shower/restroom facility on the main road into Campground Three, but we're still confirming this.

From the start, the course proceeds up Bunker Hill and heads east along the ridge, descending across a dirt road, and heading past the "honey ponds" into an expanded version of the wooded Goodwin Loop. The additional section includes a shallow water crossing. Josh and I made it across today with dry feet. Emerging from this section, runners once again climb and traverse Bunker Hill, and return to the start/finish.

This is a challenging, scenic course that lives up to the race moniker "Short enough for beginners; hard enough for veterans." Because of the wonderful views of lake, park and sky from the top of Bunker Hill, I've nicknamed the 2015 race "The Skyline Shuffle." Sign up at if you haven't already, and holler at me, Josh or Matt with any questions.

You can see the competition at

Thanks for understanding about the course change. Josh, Matt and I look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Shuffle!