Trail Work Day

March 12, 2013 by Jeff "Beatnick Hawk" Triplett

Art King from the Lawrence Mountain Bike club is hosting a trail maintenance day this Saturday from 9am to noon. here's more from Art:

Well it looks like the big thaw is here. ...and the River Trail needs a lot of work.

We will be working on getting things cleaned up next Saturday. The trail is littered with branches and dead fall. The corridor needs to be cleared. I know we have at least one large tree down. We also have work to do on the tread. It would great to have a big turnout this time.

Meet at the Trailhead Lower Parking Lot

8th & Oak Streets North Lawrence

Saturday March 16 Working 9:00 to Noon Lunch a Johnny's North

We will be lopping and clearing the trail. ...doing some chainsaw work. An working on the tread. ...trash pickup.

Work clothes, gloves and eye protection.

C-ya There. Art King

We love the trail. We run the trail. Help if you can.

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