The Night Hawk

Check-in will begin at 7:00 pm at Shelter 1. We request all runners be checked in by 7:45 pm at which time we will have the pre-race briefing. The race will begin at 8:00 pm. Drop bags need to be brought to the allotted area by 7:45 pm. They will be loaded and taken to the aide station and/or left in a designated area at the start/finish line aide station, whichever you prefer. They will be brought back to the start/finish line at the completion of the race, or you may go get them if you prefer.

It is required that all runners carry a water battle or hydration pack for your race. You will also need a headlamp. There is a cut off time of 10 hours.

We love dogs, and if you let us know ahead of time we’ll even get your pup a race bib. However, as a courtesy to other runners, your dog must remain on a leash for the duration of the race. If the alternate course is used, we prefer no dogs running with the runners.


This 50K course consists of mostly rugged trails running through the beautiful trees, out on the white trail to Land's End (~6 1/2 miles) and returning to the Start/Finish line on the blue trail(~3 1/2 miles). This is a 3 loop course with each loop running 10.3 miles long.

Aide stations are located at Land's End and the Start/Finish Line and will have water, sports drink, gels, fruit, and sweet and salty snacks.

Alternate Course will be approximately 70% asphalt paved roads and 30% cross country type running. We apologize for the pavement but we must preserve the trails so they will be runnable again soon and hopefully we will be on the regularly scheduled course next year. The alternate course will be well marked and staffed to keep you on course.

First Aide Station is located at about 5 miles into the loop, at the intersection of 1415 Rd and 700 Road. It is located prior to entering the Loop of Ultimate Darkness cross country section. You will see it on your way out and you will pass by it again on your back to the start/finish line aid station. There are only 2 aide stations due to the looping course.

The start/finish line will have some good grub available for a post-race refueling. We will have regular, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.


The course is marked with flags and ribbons. There are also right-turn, left-turn, straight ahead, and wrong way signs. The course is designed so that you can follow it using the Park Department’s blazes on the trees. The trail will be marked with reflectors and you must have a headlamp or flashlight in order to see these.

Alternate Course will be well marked and we will have course monitors out there to keep you going in the right direction.

This, of course, is a trail race. Part of a trail race is making your way on the course. We will do our BEST to make it easy for you to stay on course. That said, wind, animals, vandals or your own blurry vision may cause you to miss a marker or a turn, so please pay attention.

TRAIL BLAZES (Not applicable when using the Alternate course)

In addition to signs, flags and ribbons, runners should also watch for the white and blue blazes on the trails. The westerly, out-bound portion of the course is marked with white blazes. At the Land’s End Aide Station, you will be directed to the blue trail where you will follow blue blazes back to the start/finish line aide station.

In addition to the white and blue blazes on the westerly and easterly trails, you may see trails marked with both white and blue blazes. These are “connector trails.” Do not follow them. They will be marked with wrong-way signs and/or ribbons, but in case the signs get knocked over or vandalized, please know you should follow only SINGLE white or blue blazes.


Runners in all the Lawrence Trail Hawks races have been notable for not littering. Please help us continue the great tradition of running a clean race, and don’t leave trash on our beautiful trails.


Seeing you finish is the reason we’re putting on this race. If for some reason that’s not possible, you MUST report to the Start/Finish, which will be staffed throughout the race. You can also call one of the Race Directors listed below:


Your best bet is to use Google Maps to chart your route. Use this coordinate for the destination. It puts you right at the Start/Finish: Overlook Park @38.939175,-95.339651.

If you’re traveling to the race on I-70, get off at Exit 197 toward Lecompton/Lawrence and head south for about four miles on Highway K-10/South Lawrence Trafficway. You’ll see a sign for Clinton Lake. Take the Clinton Pkwy exit. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right onto Clinton Parkway. Go right at the stop sign onto E 900 Rd, then take the first left on N 1402 Rd into the park. Follow the road to the parking lot at the Start/Finish, Shelter 1.

If you’re traveling from the south on Hwy 59, exit on the left onto K-10/South Lawrence Trafficway right before you enter Lawrence. Take the Clinton Pkwy exit and turn left onto Clinton Parkway. Go right at the stop sign onto E 900 Rd, then take the first left on N 1402 Rd into the park. Follow the road to the parking lot at the Start/Finish, Shelter 1.


The Night Hawk starts and finishes at Shelter 1, Army Corps of Engineers Overlook Park at Clinton Lake. There is no entry fee for Overlook Park or for running on the trails, but in order to enter the state park by vehicle, you must buy either a day pass for $5 or an annual entry permit for $25. Camping and cabin rentals are available in the state park. The stated prices are taken from the Department’s website at and may be subject to change.


We will do our very best to make this race happen as described and promised, however due to the lovely Kansas weather, we want to address a few issues regarding the possibility of inclement weather. As the RD’s of the race, our first and foremost concern is the safety of the runners, volunteers, and everyone involved in the race. Our second concern is that we do not damage the trails or the park. With that being said, please know we will be watching the weather and if there are any concerns, we will make updates. We may delay the start of the race, use an alternate course that runs on the roads through the state park, or lastly, postpone the race for another date. Postponing a race is very costly and not preferred, and canceling a race is just not an option due to the amount of money and time our runners put into the preparation of a race.


We take littering very seriously and reserve the right to disqualify anyone who does so.

Have fun, be kind and courteous to each other, respect all animals and nature, and leave no trace behind.

Race date:
June 29, 2019
Start time:
08:00 PM
Race distance:
10 miler, 20 miler, and 50K

Event Information

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All finishers will receive an award. The top three male and female finishers will receive a special PLACE award.

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