Golden Hawk Endurance Challenge

Every single race, baby!


The Golden Hawk Endurance Challenge Slam challenges runners to run ESR -- Every Single Race -- on the Trail Hawks calendar in a single season, from Pi Day to Sanders Saunter. In races with multiple distances, you can choose any distance. The key is ESR. You must still pay entry fees for each race. There is a Golden Hawk entry fee ($90 -- dues-paying Trail Hawks get a $10 discount) as well -- it covers a long-sleeved T for all entrants, a personalized hoodie and personalized hand-thrown pottery mug for all finishers. Your total miles are included. If you run the max distances in each race, for instance, you are a finisher "Golden Hawk 204.4 Mi." Minimum distances -- you are Golden Hawk 57.7 Mi." We'll track what you do throughout the year and put that number, with your name on the finisher's swag. You must register by Jan. 1, 2019. You must attend the 2019 All Hands Meeting in January, where the Golden Hawk Challenger Class will be publicly inducted in an "Imperious Rex" ceremony. Finishers will get their swag and be honored at the All Hands Meeting 2020, following which, the next Challenger Class will be inducted. This group is for comments, questions, suggestions and smart-alecky remarks about The Golden Hawk. Can you run ESR? If so, you could be a GOLDEN HAWK!


Our races can be found at, but there are a few non-race events mixed in. Here's the list of the Golden Hawk races:

Pi Day River Rotation Mary, Half-Mary, Pi Miler (5k) (March 9, 2019) Skyline Shuffle 5k (May 5, 2019) Night Hawk 50K & 20 & 10 Milers (June 29, 2019) SNAKE 10 Mile (usually 2nd Saturday in July) HAWK Hundred, 50 & 26.2 Mile (Sept. 7-8, 2019) Shoreline Shuffle 5k (Sept. 28, 2019) Sanders Saunter 50K, 25K & 10K (Nov. 9, 2019)
Race date:
January 1, 2019
Start time:
12:00 AM
Race distance:
Cut off time:
Deadline to enter: Jan. 1, 2019

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Personalized finisher's hoodie and personalized hand-thrown pottery mug.

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Dues-paying Trail Hawks get $10 off the $90 entry. Contact Gary Henry via the Golden Hawk Facebook page for the discount promo code.

Hawk 50 finish

SNAKE 10 Mile Trail Race 2018

Marathon Finish