Frozen Ass

You can enjoy your holidays because the Frozen Ass will be taking place January 6th 2018 so you can run off any bad decisions. :)

Same loop as last time. An approximately 5k distance, take it as many times as you like.

More details and rules will be posted in the coming weeks.

We will be taking donations for the Douglas County Realy For Life which supports cancer survivors and caregivers in the area, and in the nation.

There will be another marvelous potluck in one of the cabins to keep you going on the trails.

The glittering posterboard will also return for you to mark your laps.

Hope you see you there!

Race date:
January 6, 2018
Start time:
12:00 PM
Race distance:
Loops of 3 miles each
Cut off time:
12 hours

Event Information


• Dogs: We love them and encourage their presence on our weekly trail runs HOWEVER should you bring yours, it must be on a leash. • Waivers: All runners must sign in, and when done, sign out. • Donations: We'd love to be able to come back next year and hold another Frozen Ass. Please participate in the fun of the event by bringing a donation (it goes to event costs and Relay For Life of Douglas County) and/or something for the potluck (firewood counts!). LTHs and their friends are the best, so this shouldn't be a problem. :) • Laps: Each lap is approximately 3 miles (2.86 from my Garmin-cw). You are encouraged to mark each lap on the board at the start/finish so that volunteers will know who is on the trails. • Passes: participants and volunteers MUST display vehicle permits while in the State Park. They may be purchased the day of the event at the Entrance Station or by use of the Self-Pay Station near the Park Office, just past the entrance booth. Daily Vehicle permits are $5.00/each. Another option for those utilizing Kansas State Parks for the remainder of the year is to purchase an Annual Vehicle Permit. Cost of an Annual is $25.00. This Annual permit will allow the user to utilize ANY Kansas State Park for daily activities until Dec. 31. (Like swimming, hiking/biking, picnicking & boating to name a few.) • Parking: We will have some space to park down by the cabin, but we ask that you be respectful of others using the cabins and not park in their spots. There is also space by the bathhouse which you can park at. • Take care of yourself! Not in the “we won’t help you” way, but in the “pay attention to how your body is being affected by the weather.” We have warm spots for you and warm things for inside you. You don’t want to have to join Story Hawk in a tale of frostbite! • Music/Ipods/Headphones: We ask that you leave your headphones at home. We strongly discourage the use of headphones as it detracts from the whole trail experience as well as limits your interaction with others and your environment. We have found historically that runners wearing headphones tend to get lost more frequently, miss trail directions and are unaware of other runners trying to pass. If you must wear them, only one ear should be covered. • Garbage: Please abide by the "take out what you bring in and leave nothing but footprints" moto. Leave all garbage at the aid station. • Other Stuff: A quick moving trail runner, especially one who seemingly emerges from out of nowhere on an unsuspecting trail user, can be quite alarming. Give a courteous and audible announcement well in advance of your presence and intention to pass others on the trail stating something like, “On your left,” as you approach. Keep in mind your announcement doesn’t work well for those who are wearing headphones and blasting music. Show respect when passing, by slowing down or stopping if necessary to prevent accidental contact. Be ready to yield to all other trail users (bikers/hikers) even if you have the posted right of way. Uphill runners yield to downhill runners in most situations. We will be headquartered out of Wakarusa River Cabin in campground 1. There will be signs to guide your way.


There is no fee to run, but donations are STRONGLY encouraged. We'll have a pot that will be split by the LTH for costs and Relay For Life of Douglas County.

All runners MUST sign the waiver book before hitting the trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog?

Although we welcome the pooches, they aren't allowed in the cabins. :/ So the only place they could warm up is by the fire. Might want to factor that in when considering bringing yours.

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