Coleen's Sweaty Ass Run

Come get sweaty and wet with the Lawrence Trail Hawks!

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IT'S BAAAAAAACKKK!!! It's the summertime sweaty ass version of the winter fat ass!!

For those of you that don't know what a Fat Ass Race is let me educate you a bit! A fat ass is a super low-key run usually put on after the Christmas holidays so everyone can work off their "fat ass" that they got from eating WAAAAAAAAYYYYY too much pie! The first one was put on in 1978 and the format hasn't changed much since then. It's usually a no entry fee, no aid, no awards type thing, pretty much just a big group training run. This is the summertime version....hence the name Sweaty Ass! And for those of you that missed our January Fat Ass, you missed out on a freezing cold good time!

Friday August 13 2010 starting at 8 PM at Olathe Prairie Center (if you haven't run out there you really should!) It's a great course: gorgeous, serene, good footing which is perfect for night running, a couple of water crossings and few small hills. This is a NIGHT TRAIL RUN.. you will be required to have a headlamp and/or flashlight!! There are NO streetlights out there. NO PETS ALLOWED!

No entry fee but will we accept donations for the Lawrence Trail Hawks and for the Prairie Center itself.

This is a 3.2 mile loop and you can do as many loops as you'd like. The course will be open for 10 hours. No pressure to do any distance but the one you feel like doing! The trails are fantastic and even if it rains for a week beforehand there will not be any WYCO or Clinton style mud!

I'd love to see as many people come out as possible and just do whatever distance you feel like. It'll be a great chance to get in some night running in a safe place with a bunch of friends.

There are porta johns on the property. We will have access to a small historic house at the start/finish area which equals a place to hang out, and plug ins for crock pots and coffee urns, there is a fridge and the Lawrence Trail Hawks will supply water, Heed and cold watermelon.

The parking lot is a few steps away from the race course so you can easily get aid from your car also. Since a Fat Ass is traditionally done as "no aid" you will be expected to bring the majority of your own supplies.... If anyone wants to bring any items to share it would be welcome! Our wintertime version featured an absolute smorgasboard of wonderful delights to share contributed by our runners... I don't think anyone actually lost any weight that night but we sure had a great time and I anticipate the summer version being the same... just with less snow... and warmer temps....

Race date:
August 13, 2010
Start time:
08:00 PM
Race distance:
Cut off time:
10 hours

Event Information

Click here for a course map.


No awards.. just sweet satisfaction.

Race Director


No entry fee, no pre sign up. Just show up, sign a waiver and then we run! We will be accepting donations for the Lawrence Trail Hawks and for the Olathe Prairie Center.



Lodging information can be found here.

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