March 4, 2019

IMPORTANT RACE DAY COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT: As Race Directors, we like to make decisions like what color to use or what swag to get you. Not all decisions are easy or fun to make though.

In talking with the stewards of the River Trails over the weekend, we are sad to say, for the first time ever, winter has won and we can't be on the trails for the races. No good for you. No good for the trails. :( There is just no time for the trails to recover/drain, and there is not enough/safe timeframe for anyone to get out there with the chainsaws.

So we had to decide, postpone (ugh) or use our alternate course. In trying to do right by all of you, we are going with the alternate course.

Bonuses: -It is NOT on the roads. WOO HOO -You don't have to reschedule or adjust your training. -I can see a few PRs set -We've never run the alternate course so new course records can be set! -YOU STILL GET PIE -And you still get all the great swag - including forks hand etched with love by your RDs and 2 amazing volunteers. -We get to keep the trails intact so they can be used the rest of the year as soon as the weather cools it with the crazy. -Not on the roads (I feel this needs repeating lol) -More aid stations -Possibly less confusing than the regular course??? :) lol -Same location for the race

The sadness: -Not on trails, BUT on the levee (still not a road!!) ...yeah, that's the only real sadness.

Heavy is the mantle of race directing, but I hope you all understand. We're sorry we have to make the call, but we believe this is the best one for everyone overall.

We are looking at (knock on wood) some good Pi Day Race weather and looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

We will have more information on the courses this week.


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