Jan. 21, 2019

In an effort to continue the Lawrence Trail Hawks mission of Kindness to Life and Land, we are requiring runners at the Pi Day Races to bring their own hydration devices. We will provide a few community cups at the aid station if you are brave enough to use them. There will be some cups available to runners for hot beverages only. Please help us with this transition by ensuring that you bring a hydration device, no matter what distance you run. Thanks!

SNAKE 10-Mile Trail Race 2017 -- John Knepper photo

Hawks Ridgeline aid station Heartland100

2017 Sanders Saunter/ Lake Henry aid station

Jaws of Clintie (Red Trail)

Hawk 50-Mile & Marathon Trail Runs

Marathon Finish

2015 HAWK 100, 50, 26.2 photo by Mile 90 Photography