Saturday Run is at the Levee this week

June 13, 2014

Saturday long run, since the Birthday Fat Ass is postponed, will be on the Kansas River levee, zero mile marker to Millaret Farm and back (18 miles) plus a 2-mile out and back to make 20. Start 6:30 am or whenever Bill Loats arrives. Park in the lot off Hwy 59 and Locust (2nd right turn after the bridge), across Locust from the visitors center, and across the highway from Johnny's Tavern. Bring as much water as you can haul. Dry run.


Lawrence Trail Hawks Birthday Run 2018

Skyline Shuffle 2018

Skyline Shuffle 2018

Hawks Ridgeline aid station Heartland100

Hawk aid station at 2017 Heartland 50

Saturday morning long run

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