Race Karma

March 13, 2014

Via the LMBC - Lawrence Mountain Bike Club & Art King - If you want to help get our trails back in shape here's your chance.

March 15, 20014 The Lawrence River Trail 8th & Oak, North Lawrence

It has been a long tough winter. The River Trail has a lot of damage. It is time to get the dirt ready for another season.

We have several volunteers who agreed to lead the work crews. Each crew is going to take one or two severely damaged areas and make major repairs to that part of the trail. This may involve slight changes and regrading or in some cases complete reroutes. We will also be doing a general cleanup and brushing of the entire trail.

We need everyone to come out on the 15th.

We will meet at 9:00 at the trailhead. Plan to work 'til noon.

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