July 15, 2012

LUNARPREP TRAINING RUN JULY 20 Our annual LunarPrep training run will be held 9 pm, Friday, July 20. Since we'll be running all night, we won't have a scheduled Saturday morning long run July 21. LunarPrep is a practice run for the 5th annual Lunar Trek night run in Scandia, KS, Friday July 27 ~

For details on our LunarPrep training run, contact Gary Henry at [email protected], or give a shout on the Lawrence Trail Hawks' Yahoo e-mail group. To join the e-mail group without cost or obligation, visit

Sanders' Saunter 10K Trail Run, Sat. Nov. 19, 2011, North Shore Trails, Clinton Lake. Brad Trimble photo

Hawks Ridgeline aid station Heartland100

HAWK 100 & 50 Mi

Hawks Ridgeline aid station Heartland100