Board Meeting Minutes, July 2019

Aug. 26, 2019 by Kara "Red Hawk" Baden

Lawrence Trail Hawks July Board Meeting 7.29.19

In attendance: Presiden Cara Combs, Vice President Lisa Ball, Secretary Kara Baden, Mary Ann Frevert, Jeff Beecher, Gary Henry, Mike Goodwin, Ed West, Michael Schmitdz, Shari Hicks, Dezert Abrams, Tamara McEwen.

Meeting called to order at 6:03 p.m.

Financial Update-Josh:

Balance of all accounts is $46,660.69

Night Hawk Race Report - Mary Ann and Shari

This year we figured out the perfect amount of food. We did need more bacon. We had enough volunteers. We had a lot of support getting the course figured out and cleaned up. Special thanks to Gary and Mike on getting the course figured out. September Ultra Magazine will have a write up from Michael Miley about the race!

The Snake Race Report - Gary

The race took place on July 13.

71 people registered and 3 did not show. All finished.

The course had to be modified for the trail conditions.

Total income: $4,240. Expenses totaled around $3,000 ($500 for food and drink, $200 Race Day Timing, $150 for photography). The biggest expense was $1,646 for mugs. $1,200 in revenue brought in. Thoughts for next year are having smaller snakes and buying less food and drink. Gary is going to be stepping down for the Snake. Matt and Tamara will be co-directing the Snake next year.

Golden Hawk - Gary

21 still participating. An awards ceremony will be held at the all-hands meeting.

Defeet Cancer Race - Danny

He is keeping an eye on the rain. Gal Gallop is marking the course. Shari volunteered to help Danny the day of the event.

Birthday Run - Cara C.

Nighttime Fat Ass, starts at 4 p.m. and goes until 11:30. Meeting inside the park at Lake Henry, Swag has been ordered, which are lights that hook on your hat. Ashley Shaw is helping out.

Shoreline - Kara P.

Registration is open. The new course is being discussed. We will keep everyone updated. This year we are doing water bottles with the logo on it for swag. We are also making this a charity race for the Lawrence Community Shelter. There are no discount codes for the race.

Clinton Trail Conditions Update - Mike Goodwin

The White trail at Mud Creek is now runnable without water. The lake is still at 892 feet of water. The park is releasing 6 inches per day, weather permitting. The lake is still 17 feet up. Clean up is scheduled for Saturday, August 17 at 9 a.m. Meet up at the Corps office. We will be picking up debris, raking and lopping. We will be working the bridge repairs on blue. Please bring bug spray, long pants, boots and gloves. We will not focus on Cactus Ridge. For the Hawk, we may have all the trails back except Cactus ridge. Mud Creek and mile 5 bridge for blue is what we are going to tackle. Longterm, we will be fixing Red Trail and the bluffs that have fallen. Sanders Mound is an island. Watch the Clinton Facebook page for details.

New Business:

Gary-The storage unit needs to be kept organized. Items are being put in random places. Please return items where you found it.

Tabling the adopt-a-highway program since our focus is on the trails.

Meeting adjourned at 6:39 p.m.

Next meeting is at Lawrence Beer Co. We will meet on Wednesday, August 28 at 7 p.m. in the big room. Come early if you want to order food.

Coleen's Sweaty Ass Night Run, July 2011, Prairie Center, Olathe.

Skyline Shuffle 2018

Lawrence Trail Hawks Frozen Fat Ass Run, Jan. 6, 2018

Hawk 50 finish