Minutes, board meeting Oct. 13, 2015

Oct. 16, 2015 by Gary "Story Hawk" Henry

Originally published on Oct. 16, 2015

The Lawrence Trail Hawks board of directors met for about an hour and 20 minutes, Tuesday, Oct. 13, at the Lawrence Public Library. Bill Loats called the meeting to order at about 6 pm.

Attending the meeting

Voting board members Bill Loats; president, Sherrie Klover, vice president; Justin Douglas, treasurer; Gary Henry, secretary; and non-voting board members Caroline Wroczynski, membership director; and Jeff Triplett, webmaster. Also Attending was Nick Combs, saturday run leader, and Sanders Saunter Co-RD.


Justin reported a balance of $11,963.70, as of the meeting, compared to last year’s balance at this time of $6,107. Justin said that every Trail Hawks race in 2015 showed a profit.


Expenses going forward include costs for the 2015 Sanders Saunter, and donations to the Kansas Trails Council in recognition of the work they do on our trails, and an increased donation to the State Park. Expenses already paid out for the 2016 HAWK include State Park and COE permits, reservations for the cabin, shelter, campsite and advertising fees for the 2016 Trail Running Trophy Series.

Also, RRCA insurance renewal is coming up. In addition, approximate estimated costs for these expenses would probably be around $2,500. Justin noted that these expenses still leave a fair amount of operating capital.

Possible Purchases

Board members then noted the following items needed by the club as possible purchases.

Storage unit: Board members unanimously agreed on the need for a larger storage unit. Bill Loats volunteered to scout out candidates and report back at the November meeting.

Hard goods: Sherrie Klover, vice president, noted a shortage of tables and jugs for the HAWK, and a need for better first aid kits. the board agreed that these could be purchased in time for the 2016 HAWK

Wheel: Caroline suggested that the club could use a "wheel" for measuring courses. The board unanimously agreed. Caroline requested that the minutes show she was “very happy.”

Banner: Caroline also requested that the club buy a Lawrence Trail Hawks start/finish banner for use at races.

Space heaters: Sherrie said we could use some portable space heaters.

Trifolds: Sherrie also pointed out that the club needs an updated brochure listing races and dates. Gary will draft a brochure, but needs RDs to supply race dates, which means they must check with the park to get dates reserved. Meanwhile, Gary will go ahead with the draft, using placeholders for dates not set.

Club T-shirts

The board discussed getting a stock of Lawrence Trail Hawks club shirts from the same company, Pride of Gumbo, that supplied the green non-technical volunteer shirts for the HAWK. Sherrie is checking out color samples. Shirts will be gender-specific, and will be available at Trail Hawk events. There may also be an option to purchase shirts when signing up for or renewing membership on line at ultra-signup.

Sherrie noted that she believes it’s important for the Hawks to support local business like Pride of Gumbo and Ad Astra Running whenever possible, since those businesses also support the the Trail Hawks.

Relay for Life

Caroline requested supply assistance for the 2016 Relay for Life. This involves lending supplies such as tables and jugs. Caroline is a co-chairperson for the charitable event. The board unanimously agreed. Caroline also plans to contact RDs about donating free entries to races as swag for a Relay for Life fundraiser called the "Girlfriend Gala."

Trail Hawk aid station

Sherri will be captaining a Trail Hawk aid station at the KUS Heartland 50, Saturday, April 30, either at the 25-mile turn-around (Teeterville Rd.) or 16 miles in (Lapland). If you would like to help staff the aid station, contact Sherri. KUS helps staff the HAWK in return, so helping with the KUS aid station benefits the HAWK.

Annual Members’ Meeting

The annual All Hands Lawrence Trail Hawks Member’s Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016, at the Lawrence Community Center, in the same place last year’s meeting was held. Gary will make the reservation.


With all business concluded, Bill adjourned the meeting. Next meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, 6 pm at the Lawrence Public Library. All dues-paying Lawrence Trail Hawks are invited to participate.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Henry


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