Frequently Asked Questions

Club Questions

What is an ultra marathon?

An ultra-marathon is any race longer than a marathon (26.2 miles). Typical ultra distances are 50km (31.5 miles), 50 miles, 100km and 100 miles. We have runners who never ran an ultra before joining, and within one year, had completed 100-milers.

Who are the Lawrence Trail Hawks?

The Lawrence Trail Hawks, founded by Lawrence area trail and ultra runners, run on, promote and care for the Lawrence trails, including the Kansas River Trails (sometimes known as the Sand Rat trails), and the Clinton Lake North Shore Trails.

We work with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, the Kansas Trails Council, and the Lawrence Mountain Bike Club to help keep the trails groomed and free of trash. We stage events, and help with other groups' events that meet our goals of promoting and caring for the trails.

We take care of the trails, our fellow Trail Hawk members, and all others who have interest in the trails similar to our own. We might not do as much as we'd like, but we do what we can.

We are trail running enthusiasts, and our members range from "I only run 1 mile a week" to "it's just a marathon."

Are you a not for profit group?

Yes. The Lawrence Trail Hawks trail running club is a registered non-profit with the State of Kansas. As a member of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) we are a 501(c)3 non-profit under that club’s group exemption. Any donation you make to the Lawrence Trail Hawks is tax deductible. If you have more questions please contact club board Trail Hawks Board.

How can I join?

Sign up online or download our mail-in form.

What are the benefits of membership?

Member benefits include:

  • 20% discount off regular retail price shoes, clothing, accessories, and food year-round at all Garry Gribbles' Running Sports locations
  • 15 percent off online purchases at

Also, you get all Trail Hawks gear at cost, and dramatically reduced entry fees for great Trail Hawks events like the Shoreline Shuffle 5K, Sander's Saunter 10k and more. Your dues are what helps us put these events on. Perhaps best of all, you get a cool Hawk name, bestowed on you by your fellow Hawks. Sorry, but there's no self-naming.

Run Questions

How fast do you run?

Our speeds typically are slow. A lot of us are slow runners, with a few speed demons. The shorter runs are usually faster than the longer runs. If speed is a concern for you, we can change the run tempo to accommodate.

Do you run at night?

Yes! During the winter, most group runs are at night so make sure you bring a head lamp or a handheld light. The trails ARE dark at night.

How old must I be to run with the Trail Hawks?

Runners of all ages are welcome. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, preferably a parent.

I want to come run with your club, what should I bring?

We are a self-sufficient group. Each runner is expected to bring water, water-bottle/s (or hydration pack), food, salt tablets, etc. It is often hard for first-time distance runners to judge the amount of water/food they should bring. If you have any doubts it's always safer to bring more than less. Here is a guide which should help.

Note: this guide is subject to change depending on weather conditions and from runner to runner.

  • under 10 miles: 1 water bottle and 1-2 gel packets (or food of similar calories)
  • 10-15 miles: 1-2 water bottles (or hydration pack) and 2-3 gel packets and 1-2 salt tablets
  • 15-20 miles: 2-3 water bottles (or hydration pack) and 2 gels and one energy bar and 3-4 salt tablets

Please remember that this is a general guideline. Each runner has his or her own fueling needs. And more importantly weather conditions can make this guide fluctuate wildly.

Do you run in the winter?

Yes! We run year round. Rain or sleet or snow. We're like the USPS. Only thing that keeps Hawks of the trail are tornadoes and lightning. One trick we often use to help our winter running (especially when it is icy) is to screw our shoes. We run in nice weather too.

I’m not a joiner. Can I run with the Hawks anyway?

Sure thing. All our scheduled weekly runs are free. And you can get in on the Hawk Talk by joining our Lawrence Trail Hawks Yahoo e-mail group or our Facebook Page.

What is "screwing your shoes"?

It’s inserting short, hex head screws into the lugs in the outsole (ie, the bottom) of the shoe For an excellent write up on how to do this, read Matt Carpenter's webpage, "The Screwed Shoe".

How far do you run?

Our distances vary. Our “Beginner Run” is every Monday, and ranges from 1-4 miles. Another Trail Hawks beginner-oriented trail run is our women-only "Gal-Gallop,” also between 1-4 miles. Our Wednesday Short-to-Middy Run goes from about 4 to 12 miles. The Saturday long run has gone as far as 40 miles. Not everyone runs the full distance, and some run further. No one who is new to the trails is ever left alone on them during our group runs. Check out our "runs page" for details and contact info.

Race Questions

Will there be photography?

Photography on the trail will be by Mile 90 Photography.

I need a pacer / I would like to be a pacer. Can you help?

Absolutely. We love to help people make new friends! Just email the RDs at and we’ll hook you up. You can also join our Facebook page and post your request there.

Still have questions? Want to offer suggestions?

Email the Race Director, Sherrie and Justin, at or visit our Facebook page.

How can I help?

The Hawk wouldn’t be possible without the support of the many volunteers who help us do essential tasks—like staff aid stations, direct runners, cook meals… And in addition to the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll have for making runners’ dreams come true, we’ll even feed you and give you an awesome Hawk t-shirt! Sound good?

What kind of race swag do we get?

  • All 100-mile finishers will receive a belt buckle.
  • 50-mile finishers will receive a handmade finisher’s mug.
  • Marathon finishers will receive an award.
  • The top three male and female finishers in each race will receive a special award.
  • All entrants get a cool Hawk shirt.
  • In addition, 100-mile entrants who sign up by August 15 also get a jacket.
  • We will also have t-shirts and hoodies available for purchase.

What if I need to drop?

100-milers who drop to the 50 will receive a 50-mile finisher award. They are not eligible for 50-mile 1st, 2nd or 3rd place prizes. 100-mile and 50-mile runners may NOT drop to the marathon. If you would like to drop down in distance before the race and be eligible for awards, contact the RDs at before September 1st.

What are the cut-offs?

The 100-mile and 50-mile races have a 32-hour cutoff, ending at 2 pm on Sunday, September 14. The marathon has a 31-hour cutoff, ending at the same time as the 100- and 50-mile races. There are no aid station cut-offs.

Can my dog run with me?

Yes! We LOVE dogs, and if you let us know ahead of time we’ll even get your pup a bib so he or she can compete in the Canine category. No charge. However, as a courtesy to other runners, your dog MUST remain on a leash for the duration of the race.

Can I have a pacer?

Pacers are only allowed (and are recommended) for the 100-mile race, although no “muling” is allowed. Pacers can think for you, navigate for you, keep you awake, make sure you eat and drink, and do all the other wonderful things pacers do—but they can’t carry your gear for you. Carrying your own load is part of being a finisher in the Hawk.

Pacers may join their runners starting at 50 miles or at 6 pm (12 hours into the race and about 90 minutes before sunset), or any time thereafter. They may join their runners from either of the two crew access stations after checking in at the Start/Finish.

Pacers are not allowed for the marathon or 50-mile races.

What time do I need to check in by?

All 100-mile and 50-mile runners must check in at the Start/Finish by 5:45 am. Marathon runners must check in at the Start/Finish by 6:45 am.

What time does the race start?

The 100-mile and 50-mile races begin at 6 am on Saturday, September 12th. The marathon starts at 7 am.

When/where can I pick up my packet?

Packets may be picked up during the pre-race briefing on Friday, September 11th, at the Start/Finish from 4–7 pm. You may also pick up your packet at the Start/Finish on race morning, at least 30 minutes before your race starts. The Start/Finish is at Shelter 1, Overlook Park at Clinton Lake.

When is the pre-race briefing?

The pre-race briefing is at the Start/Finish, Shelter 1, on Friday, September 11th at 6 pm. It is especially recommended for all 100-mile runners, and would be helpful for 50-mile and marathon runners as well. Dinner starts at 5 pm. Family, friends and crew are welcome, menu to be announced soon.

How do I get to the race?

Your best bet is to use Google Maps to chart your route. Use this coordinate for the destination: Overlook Park @38.939175,-95.339651. It puts you right at the Start/Finish, Shelter 1, in Clinton Park.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Why yes, we do! Thanks for asking! You can find it here: Hawk Hundred on FB.

Why isn't the race 3.1415... miles?

Because I wanted it to be longer darnit! More fun. :)

Why is the name of your race so long??

  1. For enhancing the nerdiness of the race. The abbreviation of the title is πR², the area of a circle.
  2. Alliteration is fun. River Rotation.

What's Pi Day?

Pi Day is a holiday held to celebrate the mathematical constant π, 3.1415... It is held on March 14th (3/14). Get it? π (sometimes written pi) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space. source

Can I bring my non-human companion?

The River Trails are not that wide, we ask that if you can leave your pet at home, please do so. If you do decide to run with a four legged pal (or a parrot?!?), please make sure they are on a leash and do not get in other runners’ ways.

Can I run with headphones?

Headphones are allowed, but if you use them, please only have one ear bud in so that you can hear if a course director or fellow runner needs to tell/warn you of something.

What about parking?

The parking past the levy will not have access from 7:45 a.m. until 8:20 a.m. during the Pi Miler start and again from 8:45 a.m. –9:20 a.m. for the beginning of the Half Marathon.

Both races start at the levy gate into the park, run through the parking lot and on to the trails. Please be mindful of that when parking.

Where do the races start? Where do I check in?

Both races start at the gate on the levy.

Check in and the finish line is a bit Southeast of there in the field.

ALL runners should check in and out of the race.

Check-in starts by 7am.

Wait, what time does my race start?

The Pi Miler starts at 8 am.

The Pi Day River Rotation Half Marathon begins at 9 am.